On Drowning Rats: How Two Women Took Down A Sexual Harasser and How You Can Too

Part memoir, part step-by-step guide, On Drowning Rats: How Two Women Took Down A Sexual Harasser and How You Can Too tells the triumphant story of Rachel Richardson and Cami Roth Szirotnyak, two women who discovered they were sexually harassed by the same man (one of the most prominent nonprofit founders and fundraisers in Toledo, OH), and how they successfully—and publicly—sought justice.

Cami and Rachel detail their journey that began with a chance meeting online. Through sharing their stories of harassment–and uncovering even more women harassed by the same man–they knew they had to do something to bring their harasser out of power and take away his ability to harm even more.

But how does one do that? On Drowning Rats answers that question.

Detailed documentation. Countless conversations. Changing relationships. It can be a harrowing process, but the authors aim to empower readers who may have been harassed or know someone who has been harassed on how to find accountability, justice, and even a strong community–paving the path to healing.

The book draws on the authors’ own lived experiences, as well as the anecdotes of prominent leaders, experts, and everyday human beings. Readers will better understand what harassment can look like, how and when to speak up, how to support themselves and loved ones through the process, and much more. Cami and Rachel’s memoirs, two deeply real and relatable tales dotted with humor and personality, give a behind-the-scenes look at their challenging experience in a way that makes this book much more than a manual.

On Drowning Rats comes with a workbook to help readers easily take real action to save themselves and begin reshaping how we approach harassment in the world.


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